The Lady Judy will be your host for the 2022 Tulsa Mardi Gras Masquerade

Miss Gay Oklahoma United States Femme Fatale 2021

About Lady Judy

The Lady Judy is a drag entertainer native to McAlester and is based out of OKC. The Lady Judy is currently serving as the reigning Miss Gay Oklahoma United States Femme Fatale and will be representing the state of Oklahoma at a national level later this year. The Lady Judy was also the first to win Legendary Children OKC, a drag race style competition that is now in its fourth season; and is now the owner and producer of the show.

The Lady Judy is best known for live vocals but is also an extensively trained dancer, flow artist, instrumentalist, club performer, emcee, model, and often works behind the scenes as a show director, stage director, promoter, marketer, and pretty much any other entertainment-based challenge brought to the table.

The Lady Judy’s performances are often heavily influenced by Lady Gaga; as she’s been dubbed Oklahoma’s “great value gaga.” You can often catch Judy performing or directing shows at The District Hotel and other various venues in and around OKC. Her primary mission is to provide a platform for under-represented and alternative performers and artists in Oklahoma.

You may have even met Judy before if you’ve been to Mardi Gras Masquerade, as this is her third year taking part in this event; previously as the performer/creator of the golden roaming statues and as a lead gogo dancer. Of course, she is most excited to be back again this year in her truest form!

The 6th Annual Tulsa Mardi Gras Masquerade is Feb 26th 2022