About The Event

The masquerade is designed to be a philanthropic event that raises money for local non-profits. It is typical of non-profit events to be organized by the non-profit organization itself, which means that each year most fundraising events benefit the same organization. Our masquerade is different! Since LockHeart is a separate organization from non-profits we are able to benefit a different non-profit each year. Our goal is to provide these non-profits with a fundraiser that they love without tapping into any resources that can be used for their normal programming. It’s supposed to be a ‘free event’ for the non-profit so far as time and effort is concerned.

As a long term goal LockHeart and the Tulsa Mardi Gras Masquerade hope to build Tulsa’s Mardi Gras celebration to the level notoriety and popularity other downtown Tulsa festivals and holidays.