Vivian Blackfire to Perform | 2023 Tulsa Mardi Gras Masquerade

About Vivian

Are you looking for something exciting, unique, and visually stunning to add to your next event? Look no further than fire performer and flow artist Vivian Blackfire! Vivian has been part of the fire performance and flow arts community for over a decade and has become one of our main event organizers. Now, she is also bringing her amazing fire performances and flow arts to events around the world.

Vivian Blackfire is an astonishing artist with a passion for creating costumes since she was in middle school. Tulsa Mardi Gras is proud to have her as one of the lead coordinators of the 7th annual event to showcase these costumes designs on some of our talented performers.

What to expect

She will also be performing a duo fire eating set that can only be seen at the VFW. Don’t be surprised to catch her dancing in the air or even stilt walking as those are just a few highlights of the night