Pyro Pizza to Perform at Mardi Gras Tulsa 2023

We are pleased to announce that Pyro Pizza has been chosen as a featured performer for Mardi Gras Tulsa in 2023! Pyro Pizza is an experienced fire spinner, club juggler and passer, stilt walker, and bartender. He recently added balloon animal making and partner dragon staff to his repertoire. Together with partner Stella Nova, he also does burlesque shows and the human marionette. Read on to learn more about why Pyro Pizza was selected for this special honor.

Pyro Pizza juggling LED bowling pins

About Pyro Pizza

Pyro Pizza has been spinning fire for over a decade now. He started out with contact staff but quickly expanded his repertoire to include over twenty different fire props — including poi, hoops, fans, ropes, clubs and dragons. With the help of Stella Nova, he is able to add even more flair to his performance by incorporating burlesque and the human marionette into the show.

Pyro Pizza was chosen as a featured performer at Mardi Gras Tulsa because of his unique combination of skills. His experience with spinning fire makes him a truly spectacular act while his other talents add an extra layer of excitement and entertainment. Not only do these skills make him stand out from other performers, they also provide a unique opportunity for all guests at Mardi Gras Tulsa 2023 to experience something truly special that they won’t soon forget.

Pyro Pizza spinning fire staff
Pyro Pizza juggling LED balls

We are thrilled that Pyro Pizza will be performing at Mardi Gras Tulsa in 2023! His unique combination of skills make him an amazing performer who can provide a truly unforgettable experience for all guests at the event. Furthermore, his knowledge on how to use fire props safely will ensure that all performers can put on an amazing show without any worry or risk involved. If you haven’t seen Pyro Pizza live yet – don’t miss your chance in 2023! You won’t regret it!